n=many carnivore study

For the past three months I have participated in Shawn Baker’s n=many carnivore study, 90 days of eating nothing but meat.

Thirsty? Drink water. Hungry? Eat meat—food that was an animal, therefore excluding dairy, eggs, and other things that weren’t animals. That’s it. Simple.

Prior to the study I was curious and intrigued by eating this way. I had heard Shawn Baker and Amber O’Hearn speak about not eating plants and was interested because they both are very convincing. I thought it would be hard and never really considered it seriously until Shawn put together the study, and I thought “why not? I can do it for 90 days”.

The beginning was a little tough, because I was travelling when the study started, but I got by with some grilling with my friend and some airport McDonald’s (Quarter pound burger patties à la carte!). For the first few weeks I was looking forward to the end, thinking how I’d eat some nuts or low-carb berries, but as it progressed, I started to get used to eating just meat and those cravings subsided.

Recently my wife said “when you’re done with this, I found a great recipe…” (with plants) I said that I was not sure I wanted to eat plants again. Maybe some, someday, but these few months showed me how I could eat only meat and feel fantastic.

From a few days before the study through the end, I lost almost 24 pounds and about 3% body fat doing daily walks and only occasional casual exercise.

I’m not aware of any side-effects, I feel great and it hasn’t really cost much more than my normal food cost. Seems like a win to me! 🎉