HappyGPSLogger is a GPS Logger for Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone. It connects to a GPS receiver and creates a tracklog in .gpx format. I use it in conjunction with the WWMX Location Stamper [wwmx.org] for geo-tagging photos.

It enables bluetooth when starting, and returns the bluetooth radio to the previous state when exiting (for use with bluetooth GPS receivers). If a storage card is available, it will save logs on it, otherwise it will put them in \Application Data\HappyGPSLogger\. You can manually record points to the log or it will automatically record them at a fairly aggressive interval, every:

It requires the .NET Compact Framework 2.0, but you should install SP1 to the Framework to fix enumerating bluetooth virtual serial ports. I also suggest installing the System_SR_ENU_wm.cab so the system will produce meaningful error messages.

Version 0.2 fixes speed tracking and adds a visual speedometer.