Daylight Saving Time Press Release


It’s Time to Stop Falling Back For Daylight Saving Time

Minneapolis, MN - November 15, 2004 - Local individual has started a petition to stop the observance of daylight saving time in Minnesota. Scott Jann, a 28 year old living in Columbia Heights has started the petition to show the government that people are more than annoyed with setting their clocks back and forth. After collecting signatures on an online petition, they will be sent to Governor Tim Pawlenty and Representative Barbara Goodwin (from district 50A) during the 2005 legislative session which starts on 1/4/2005.

“Farmers and construction workers always start work early in the day and need that morning light to do their work, by the end of the day when it’s dark the majority of the daily work is done.“, says Jason Meier. “There is this notion that daylight saving time helps the farmers, whereas the agriculture industry would actually be more economically viable if there was an extra hour of light in the morning,” continues Mr. Jann, “Not to mention the disruption to people’s sleep patterns which leads to accidents, and to the sleep and eating schedule of livestock which leads to unnecessary stress in the animals.”

Mr. Jann hopes that the support and attention that is stimulated by the signatures will make people realize daylight saving time isn’t something to fear, it is something that can be fixed. He anticipates that the petition will lead to a bill getting introduced and passed.

The Petition is available to view and sign online at: