Using laws to prevent access to guns to, in turn, prevent gun violence is foolish. It is foolish in many ways, for instance there are already laws in place that say you can’t kill people and if someone isn’t going to obey that law, why would they obey another one?

Another important flaw in this thinking that occurred to me is that guns are too simple. They are a simple machine that uses a chemical reaction to propel a hunk of metal very quickly. That idea is simple, very simple.

It is not the fault of a 3D printer that it can make a gun, it is the fault of the gun for being printable in the first place.

I remember reading in the book Calculating God by that eventually, not only does a civilization reach a point where it can destroy itself, but that the ability to do so becomes easier and easier. The amount of destruction that someone can cause today with a large bomb is unimaginable to someone just a few hundred years ago. That’s why regulating weapons will never work, it is a problem of mental health and making sure the majority of people are in good-health (mentally and otherwise) is the only option.