Since the events in Ferguson, MO, I’ve been tuned into many occurrences where the police have threatened or shot innocent people in our country. In fact, you are six time more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist in the US.

Here is my solution: I think that police should not be allowed to use lethal force and should not even be allowed to carry lethal weapons. If a police officer deliberately kills someone, on-duty or off, they should be fired with no possibility of working in the field again and prosecuted for murder, like any citizen.

Non-lethal solutions are fine, including tazers. If they continue to carry guns, a primary focus in their training should be on how to stop someone without killing them, in fact that should be the case now, why isn’t it?

People I’ve told this to that work closer to police officers than I do say that this would never work, in an emergency an officer needs to defend themselves. Well, it turns out having an armed militia hunting down US citizens with no due process doesn’t work either.

There are 2 kinds of cops: those who don't need guns, and those who should never have guns.